Many game platforms sell disc games which you can purchase from a store. The only key aspect that they are lacking is what helps keep your games safe and usable for years to come. You can get scratches, or even misplace the game that you just spent around $100 on. Disc games are expensive so keeping them in proper care is necessary and should be taken into consideration.

Almost all software programs aren’t able to copy video games because of a built-in protection that has protected the games from being copied right through till the end, this is where most copying software fail. Fortunately there is a solution for this to create endless high quality backups for your games.

The Game Copy Wizard is สล็อต software which can burn video games and produce high quality game backups. It also has a custom made decryption installed in it which can break through those so called “unbreakable” protection barriers which other software can’t get through. This is what makes the Game Copy Wizard unique and the leading software in the business.

Game Copy Wizard supports all disc games which include: xbox, xbox360, Nintendo Wii, PS1, PS2, PS3, Game Cube, Dreamcast and PC games. All backups created by the software are of high quality and supports writeable CD’s and DVD’s. The Game Copy Wizard works on the following Operating Systems: Windows.

Lastly Game Copy Wizard not only creates copies of disc games but has the ability to also create copies of your downloaded music, movies, files and documents so you won’t need to use any other copying software again. It’s an all-in-one product with high outcomes. It has full customer support and free full upgrades to newer editions of the software.

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