How could anybody accept the Bible is the expression of God? Has being brimming with logical inconsistencies and errors not been demonstrated? In no way, shape or form! There are generally excellent explanations behind putting stock in the Divine creation of the Bible.

I trust the Bible (Old and New Testaments) to be the actual Word of God. In saying that we expect the peruser is neither a rationalist nor a nonbeliever. We are expecting that the peruser alongside the essayist trusts in the presence of God.

The inquiry before us is, “Has that God uncovered Himself to humanity,” and all the more explicitly, “Has that God uncovered Himself in what is known as the Holy Scriptures called the Bible?”
I assert that He has.

I accept the Bible is the Word of God Because:

1. It broadcasts itself to be the God inhaled book. This by itself wouldn’t be sufficient. There are many books that guarantee Divine beginning. In any case, joined by numerous different confirmations this is one that can’t be over looked.

2 Timothy 3:16 “All sacred text is given by motivation of God, and is productive for teaching, for condemnation, for revision, for guidance in exemplary nature: 17 That the righteous man might be great, completely outfitted unto every single great work.” (KJV)

The Greek word for “motivation” in section 16 is a word that in a real sense means to breath out. So Paul is really guaranteeing that all Scripture is God relaxed.

The Apostle Peter adds his so be it to this in 2 Peter 1:21 “For the prescience came not in that frame of mind by the desire of man: yet blessed godly men spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. The Bible plainly claims to be the expression of God.” (KJV)

2. It proves that it is the Word of God by its inside understanding.

Over a time of around 5000 years with 40 distinct writers of varying social statuses and containing 66 unique books, the Bible is in astounding understanding in its evaluation of what god’s identity is and what He has done. It is in understanding all through on the idea of God, on the idea of humankind and especially on the Person of God’s Messiah, Jesus Christ. Each step of disclosure upholds the past disclosure despite the fact that it very well might be a movement of disclosure. The Bible demonstrates its credibility through its own inner arrangement.

3. The Bible confirmations that it is the Word of God by its outright trustworthiness.

At the point when one examinations the Old Testament he finds that the ones who composed¬†What is the abomination of desolation didn’t magnify their own racial foundation or praise their own lineage. The facts confirm that Israelites composed the Old Testament and in each and every other history the race of the essayist is in many cases painted as the practically ideal example of mankind. The Bible is very different. The mischievousness and unadulterated moral disappointments of Israel are accentuated as uproariously just like her achievements.

The legends of the Bible are painted with imperfections and everything. For example, one of the most well known lords of Israel (King David) flopped pitiably as a companion to Uriah (one of his strong men). He flopped hopelessly as the ethical head of Israel. He flopped as the genuine delegate of God. In most human stories the legend is protected and on the off chance that there is a disappointment it is minimized and barely referenced. Not really in the Bible. Israel’s legend ruler comes up short and the Bible records it in everything about. This equivalent thing can be said to describe every one of the extraordinary legends of Israel’s past.

This is valid in the New Testament also. The Apostle Paul, who figures conspicuously in the New Testament compositions concedes his pre-transformation mistreatment of the Church without a second thought. At the point when Peter flops wretchedly and denies his Lord the New Testament gives the story with next to no ruffles or reasons. Human creators don’t show that inclination but instead will generally limit or essentially disregard the disappointments of its legends.

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